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We at Meadowlands Decorating Center believe old furniture is worth keeping. A lot of furniture today is mass-produced and the quality is not as good as it was even a decade ago.

Is it a family heirloom?

Does it fit exactly in your existing space?

Why can’t I find any furniture I like?

I love my pets but what do I do now that they damaged my furniture?

These are questions to ask in helping you make the decision to keep your old and re-do or buy new. With re-upholstery, you also have the option to re-do your existing furniture into a new look. By adding or taking off a fabric skirt, adding welting, contrasting fabric, buttons, changing the back by making it flat, or adding cushions instead, and even changing the size or style of the arms of a sofa or cutting it down in size, we can customize your upholstery to your needs; not like the ready made, assembly line furniture you see everyday.

Our upholstery process starts from the bottom up. We strip the furniture down to its bare bones. Your frames will be re-enforced, re-glued, refinished and or touched up as necessary. New webbing and springs are installed. New foam and or feathers are used to stuff into your brand new casings per the type of feel you want to your seat cushions. We have over 200 bolts of fabric at discount prices and hundreds of fabric books to choose from so that you will have your own custom fabric colors in your home or work place. Let us help you choose any style pillows that will coordinate with the upholstered furniture and suddenly, you have your own, one of a- kind, designed furniture.

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